underwatering effects

trace00969August 21, 2007

What are the effects on AV's from under watering? Buds alling off before opening? Dry-ish tips on leaves?



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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

If the plant goes dry, leaves begin to go limp until they hang down in an arc. Bottom leaves may rot off. Tips of leaves may begin to go dry and crispy.

Soaking in a bowl of warm water may revive the plant.


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Ahem....underwatering is something I'm frequently guilty of (gasp!).

AVs do NOT like to be underwatered, and they take it harder than tropicals. At first nothing looks wrong, then the plant will collapse into a limp heap. Yes, the buds all dry up and fall off. If you're lucky a good watering will revive it, but if it's gone one too many times without water, permanent damage could have been done. Right now I have an AV that was chronically underwatered and the bottom row of leaves is dying and falling off. I hope I won't lose the whole plant.

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