violet rings

randyz4(z4 Ia)August 17, 2008

my violets grow so large that some of the leaves die that touch or rest on the rim of the pot does anyone have experience with violet rings? do they work or not. Im thinking about ordering some.thanks

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Violet rings do work, in that they support the leaves, and the full weight of the leaf isn't on the pot rim. You can also use rings to 'nudge' a leaf into a better position.

In a pinch, you can also use a cheapo paper plate. Take a pot the same size, put upside down on the plate, and trace a circle around it. Remove the pot, and cut the circle like a pie into about 8 sections. You can then insert the pot into the hole. I tape the 'prongs' onto the pot to hold it secure.

For a smaller plant that wants to be a 'pot hugger', I trim down the plate and do the same thing.


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