Is it beneficial to disbud baby plants?

jonmcdadeAugust 18, 2012

Hi all

It's me Jon again.

I'v received a couple of new plants this week. They are healthy looking and also in bloom. Yea!,, But the plants are very small an I wonder if it would be more beneficial to dis bud the plants at this time so to put all their energy into growing? I know some hard core showers practice something similar before a show. Would the plants gain a benefit from this practice?

Also one plant I recieved arrived healthy but with all it's leaves straight up in the air and they won't come down! Do I have to wilt them by with holding water before they will lower again? Or is it a big to to for nothing?

As always your advice is appreciated

Regards Jon

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suecirish(6 SE MA)

The benefit to disbudding is that the plant can then use its energy for growth and root development instead of bloom production.

Leaves up in the air is a light issue - Do not withhold water to deliberately wilt. You will do much potential damage to the roots, possibly irreversible. Usually leaves up is a result of too little light, with the leaves reaching for more. It is also possible, and I have experienced it, that it is too much light and the leaves are raised as a protective response to provide some shading for the new growth in the crown. I would let your new plants just adjust to their new environment for a while and see if the leaves relax on their own first.

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I'm all for disbudding after the plants arrive. It's good to make sure the plants are what you purchased, but once you've verified this, I find it's better to remove the buds for the reasons you listed as well as a protection against inviting something like thrips into your home.

Furthermore whenever I order plants via mail-order, they come wrapped up pretty good with the leaves more or less pointing upward. They usually adjust back to normal position after a week or 2 once the plant has gotten situated in its new place without wilting the plant to cause it.

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