Whats wrong with it?

BittyBats(8)August 5, 2014

Hi, everyone! I've been stalking this forum for a while (few weeks) but this is my first time posting. I'm very new with african violets (or plants in general) so please forgive my newbie mistakes!

A few days ago a bought an african violet at home depot, which was labeled as an optimara. I'm fairly certain it's mydesire. When I looked at the description for it, my plant seemed somewhat different, which makes me think something is wrong with it.

First, why does it have cupped leaves?

Second, why are the undersides of the leaves turning red? When I brought it home, I had removed some outer leaves and they were not red at all. It seemed to get progressively redder as you go in.

Third, are the inside leaves supposed to be so...ruffled?

Here's a close up.

Please don't say mites. :(

In case anyone wants to know, the plant is about 3 inches below an east facing window. When I repotted this plant I used about 4 parts perlite and 3 parts av soil mix (both miracle grow brand). As I recall, the plant did pretty much look like this when I bought it.

Any and all comments appreciated!

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Absolutely nothing wrong with it that I can see. My address is....

After looking over the choices, I think it's MyDesire too. Optimara's foliage always changes for me after I get it home. I don't know if it's just the switch from greenhouse environment or it's maturing. Your center leaves are showing more mature characteristics though.

I have only begun to acquire this series so I have limited experience with them, but I'm beginning to think they may not like too much light. I have one marked "My Desire" (they are usually tentatively id'd for awhile after coming home from my Lowe's) and it looks very sad compared to yours. I don't think it's been liking the isolation window. The backs of the leaves have a faint pink tint, not an actual red reverse. Perfectly normal.

That is a beauty you have there and it looks and sounds like you are doing all the right things for it. You may need to boost it up toward the window a bit. Try sitting it on a couple of cans of cat food the cat won't eat (oops, wrong house!). Anyway sit it on a couple of books or something and see how it likes that. It might be reaching just a bit.


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I don't find optimara's descriptions of their foliage to be all that accurate. Every little sneeze makes mine look different anyways...
And there is always the possibility you happened upon one they are working on "improving" - apparently they sometimes make it into the great wide world....
Then there are spontaneous sports etc.
So, non-conformity to a vague description cannot be cause for alarm ;-p


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

all that happened.. is that your level of observation increased exponentially ...

its all normal...and it looks like one happy plant ...

soooo .. try not to kill it with too much love ... lol ...

what you really need.. is a couple dozen more.. to increase that learning curve ... lol


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Yes! Fortunately, they grow so slowly that you don't realize you are over run until it it zoo late (almost) my computer types zoo, i meant too.
I think O is generic on purpose in their descriptions as no telling what a plant will do and they change it up every season!!!

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Thank you all, I feel much better about the state of my plant now. I won't lie, I hover. A lot. But I'm trying not to! :)

Diana, now that you mention it, it does look like it's reaching for more light. I'll try to find a desk stand or something to put it closer to the window. Maybe I'll just stack some books lol


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