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mbjosAugust 31, 2007

Purchased chimera Yukako last week thru ebay. Upon arrival it looked healthy,blooming true(one flower). Transplanted in oyama pot with a 1-2-1 soil mix. One week later bottom leaves at point were stems meet stock are brown and some are rotting.

Soil is not sopping wet. E-mail the seller awaiting reply. In the mean time is there anything I could do to salvage this plant? Can not believe that I over water it with this results in 1 week. Any input would be helpful.


Mary Beth

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You can indeed over-water a violet to death in one week. This is the reason I do not use self-watering pots, as it takes a lot of adjusting your soil mix to get it *just right*. Perhaps you can take a leaf, cut the brown part off, and attempt to propagate it.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

I suggest you take the plant from the Oyama pot and put it into a plastic pot for a few months. That might save the plant. Then you could check your soil mix with the Oyama pot. I would add another part of Perlite for drainage.


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OK Here's what I did. Remove leaves,scrapped stock repotted in a 2" pot and put in baggie. When looking at plant even new stems seem brown. Soil in oyama was moist but not wet. Can't believe so much damage was done in 7 days. Can anything else be done that I didn't do?
Mary Beth

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Since Yukako is a Chimera and a very expensive one at that, it cannot be reproduced with a leaf cutting as IÂm sure you already know. You need to take quick action to try to save your plant. I would gently get it out of the self watering pot, pronto. I would wrap the root ball in paper towels to remove a lot of the moisture that is in the root ball. As the towels get saturated, replace them with more dry ones. After you have blotted out a lot of the water from the root ball, be very gentle and remove all damaged leaves and stems all the way to the neck of the plant. If the rot has gotten into the neck, you may not be able to save it. Use a small knife like a paring knife to gently scrape away any brown or mushy material. Dust the bare places on the neck with rooting hormone powder. Gently place the plant back into a plastic pot that is not a wicked pot. Add some African Violet soil with additional perlite added around the neck so hopefully new roots will start to grow. DonÂt pack the soil down, leave it loose and fluffy. Put the plant where it will get some light but no direct sunlight. Pay close attention to the plant. If it seems to droop or wilt, place a large plastic bag or some saran over the leaves but donÂt totally enclose the plant. I believe too much water was how the problems started. DonÂt water the plant for a few days. When the pot feels light and the soil feels dry, add just a couple of tablespoons of lukewarm water. Wait a few more days and water again. Watch the plant and it will let you know if it is doing okay.

Now for where you went wrong. DonÂt beat yourself up. Just learn from the mistake. Plants arrive kind of in shock from being shipped. They spend 3 or 4 days in a dark box, get jostled around, and may be subjected to warmer or colder temperatures than there are used to. So hereÂs rule number one. Wait at least a week until you try to repot new arrivals. Give them a chance to recover from the trip. If they donÂt look really healthy put the repotting off even longer that that. HereÂs rule two. Practice learning to use wick watering on a couple of NoIDs to find the right soil mix and conditions that are going to work for youÂnot your very expensive new chimera. Best of luck to you and Yakako. That one is definitely on my want list.

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