cajunkisses2007August 22, 2007

I saw posted somewhere, (here I think) that you can make leaf supports out of a styrofoam plate? If someone has the link to where this was posted or can give me directions on how to make it, i'd appreciate it.



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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Take a styrofoam plate and place your plant in the center. Trace the outline of the pot.

From the center of that circle, cut to the edge of the line making arrow points. Bend these. Insert pot and tape arrows onto pot. Write name on support.

While these are inexpensive to make, the commercially made supports themselves are very inexpensive as well depending on the size you need.


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Thanks Nancy! That worked a treat. :)

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I dont get it, what are you trying to do? Now I am curious.


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Tracy here is a pic of the support I made from a strofoam plate as Nancy described to hold up the leaves on my Lyon's Plum Pudding. They were a bit droopy and I want them to grow more flat.

You can just see it peeking out. Hope this helps explain it.


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