Grow new plant from Stem only

momoftwoobxAugust 1, 2014

I mailed a friend some leaf cuttings but some of them arrived with the leaf completely detached from the stem. She went ahead and potted the stem. Is there a chance they will grow from the stem only or should she throw those out and I'll send new leaves?

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You can always try ;-)
In tissue culture, all they need are a few cells to make new plants. Problematic part is to keep fungus etc from destroying everything.

Why doesn't she plant the leaf tops? You can etch the veins and lay them flat on the soil surface, or just stick the leaf cut edge first into the soil.
Nothing to lose, right?


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Thank you Karin. I sent my friend a message and hopefully one way will grow for her.

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If she hasn't thrown them out, I would suggest planting the tops of the leaves. That will work. I don't think the stems will work.

I saw them carve that stem out of the leaf but really it seemed like a pointless exercise since they will root without doing that. I have the top of Lil Ballerina rooted and it's about as big as my little fingernail (I have small fingernails).


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Vikki(7b / 8)

I had a few arrive with the stems snapped off about a month ago, so I just planted the leaves and they're doing just fine so far.

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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

Yes, you can definitely put the top of the leaf into the mix and it should root. Some might be lost, but basically there are good results with this method. I use the same solo cups as I do for all the leaves and make a line in the damp mix so I can insert the bottom edge of the leaf down in it securely. I put mine in sandwich bags. Works really well. I don't think stems would work,

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While I was repotting, I snapped a leaf off a large plant.
About 1/2 inch up the leaf petiole there was a tiny stem with 2 leaves growing out of the petiole like a branch. The leaf had roots.
I don't want to open the baggie but if it grows, I will post a picture.
Very Strange to have a plant? sprouting along a petiole.
That would be a plant sprouting along a stem or not certain yet what that growth is.
I will post pictures next time I open the baggie. It was hard to get the petiole to stay erect so I don't want to disturb it.
Maybe it was a flower bud but so far up the petiole?

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