Just bought my favorite AV color, should I repot it now?

Begonia2005(7)August 19, 2012

I just bought this classic AV, with my favorite ever color - the actual violet! :-)

Trouble is it has such beautiful blooms and more coming...and I read that I should repot asap after buying and ideally I should disbud/cut all flowers when re-potting.

I hate to cut all these flowers off just to repot. Should I Wait until all these flowers are gone? That will probably be a while. Simply cut all flowers off and disbud so that the plant will focus on the move? Any advidce would be highly appreciated.

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aharriedmom(8B FL Sunset 28)

That's a pretty one! Is it really as blue as it looks in the picture or is it more purple?
- I repotted my latest three new AVs the next day (as soon as I could). I figured that I wanted them to get situated with only one shock, instead of putting them through one shock and then another. I guess it could have backfired on me but so far they all seem to be doing well. One of the plants (the most mature looking) has wee flower buds.


This plant:

is one I've had for several months. I wanted to repot it and it just about killed me to cut off the flowers, it's my favorite. However, it started growing blooms again very quickly - I think it had its first flower open less than 3 weeks after the repotting.

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They are probably not 100% the blue you see in this picture, but pretty close to it. These are some of the closest to true royal blue I have seen. This is why I bought it even though I certainly did not need a 6th AV.
In reality, it is a bit more purple than what you see here; but gorgeous overall.

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aharriedmom(8B FL Sunset 28)

What's the name, if you don't mind my asking? I'm a huge fan of blue flowers. One of the new ones I bought (that hasn't bloomed yet) is Ness' Crinkle Blue, a semi-mini. I can't wait to see blooms! (or even bloom stems forming)

Also I just reread your OP, maybe try to not remove the smallest new forming bud? In my experience the AVs take to repotting really well, even when I barerooted them. If your plant seems stressed, you could always remove the bud later.

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I am not sure I know the name, but it may indeed be Crinkle Blue because I remember looking online for one like this and this is the name I remember seeing. I got it from Pikes Nursery.
I think I will follow your advice and only cut the flowers when I repot it. It is just too heartbreaking to cut all those buds.:-(

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Should I Wait until all these flowers are gone ?

If you re-pot today with out pinching the flowers off the flowers would still bloom for a short time.

Plants dont focus (lol) they adapt to a new pot, new conditions and soil. Referencing as pot shock during pot shock the flowers would drop and look more dead and then you could pinch them off.
A very crisp and clean looking new plant even I would enjoy the flowering for a day or two but I'm not always the biggest fan of someones potting soil. My normal habit for re-potting, sooner is better than later.

To help the plant use more energy for pot shock recovery flowers would be pinched before re-potting.

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