BlondieJanAugust 26, 2013

I tried posting this a minute ago.....didn't show up, so I'll try again. So, if this is a duplicate, please forgive me.

Thank God for the rain! I was down to about the last gallon of rainwater that I collected early this summer. My violets love it! I was again out in the heavy rain with an umbrella over my head, my butt got very wet! :-) I collected about 20 gallons. Should I put it in jugs right away? Does the nitrogen dissipate? I want to collect more next time it rains to last over the winter!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Nitrogen won't dissipate because it is a part of our air - some in some out. So you can put your water in jugs any time. During the rain- the water collects some dust from the air - so you can potentially have some organic material in it that will create some murkiness, it is not a distilled water. But it should not harm the plants.


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Thank you. I figured that anything suspended in the water, like dust, etc. will settle out to the bottom of the barrel. I know it is not pure. Used to wash my hair in it when I was a young woman....makes it nice and soft! Distilled water is pure water, this is not. But my violets love it. Hope I can get enough to last the winter! I have about 30 gallons now, and it's going to rain again later today, so I can get some more to top off the 34 gallon barrel in my garage.

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