bragu_DSM 5August 23, 2013

So I've got this one AV that is resisting change.

I told him that I am repotting him, and he is going into an Oyama pot. He said he didn't want to go under Oyamacare. He's been listening to the radio, and all the talk in Washington about death panels. He's scared, and it shows.

Well, now that he's got his feet wet, he's deciding he does not want to change. He went from needing a wheel chair to being placed in ICU under a tent/baggie. The prognosis is not good ...

All his cousins have made the transition. They like Oyamacare ... except for one strep...

Or, have y'all heard this somewhere before?

*scratches head* damn, this sounds familiar ...

ÃÂ.ÃÂ --~


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Repeat after me--"Plants are individuals, just like people. Plants are individuals, just like people." ALL African Violets will not thrive under the exact same conditions. The growing methods we all know-light, water, etc., are guidelines not rules to be rigidly adhered to. You have to experiment to see what conditions a cultivar, and even an individual within that cultivar, will respond to. Apparently, Oyamacare is not for him. Don't force it on him. (I hope Washington is listening). But I digress...


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