my sick violet

maryo(n.arkansas)August 4, 2007

Got any ideas?

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Looks to me like there are two problems,,. One, the outer leaves are turning brown from age and need to be removed. Two, the other leaves look like water has damaged them. Remove them also.
Fred in NJ

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Fred is probably right, however, the one stem I can see is not glassy, which indicates a leaf which has received too much water for a long time and should now be pulled off.

How do you water? Do you pour on top of the soil? Are you using water that is too cool? Always use warm water in watering plants.

Are you setting the plant in the light after watering it? It could be that direct sun is hitting these leaves after they have had water on them. The sun cooks leaves that have water drops on them.

Change your watering technique. Either water from the bottom or water more carefully on top of the soil with warm water and be careful not to spill on leaves.


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I water from the bottom. All my plants are at the same location. Could I be overfeeding also? On my other violets, when the leaves die, they turn soft. These are still firm. Well, anyway off they come! Just as long as it isn't something contageous. Thanks for the help.

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To me, it rather looks like sun burn, especially since the affected leaves are turned "down" as if they had been pressed against a window. I had some plants in a southwest window recently that got absolutely fried - my bad, I just completely forgot how hot it was getting, and how long the sun was staying around that corner of the house.

Either way, water/sun, sometimes the symptoms can look the same, and like you said, probably isn't contagious and the treatment is the same - pull the leaves off. So you've already done the right thing! Just be careful for a while and watch out near the light source!

Over feeding is tougher to tell. Plants really don't need nearly as much food as is listed on the labels of the fertilizer - in fact, you can safely cut it in half and have healthy plants. Your crown doesn't look too tight or anything like that, and I don't see orange crusties. So if you're worried, just throw an occasional plain non-fertilized water in the mix, to be sure.


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