Finally Won, S. School Bells. Yeah!

birdsnbloomsAugust 15, 2013

Well ladies and gents, I got S. School Bells...finally.

I've been trying to win this plant on Ebay 6-weeks. The seller posts AV's twice a month.

The first bid was way over my budget. The second time I lost by .25!
The last auction, I waited the last half-hour to bid. As usual, something came up and I had to leave the house..'nearing the end of bid.'

I asked dh to take over. He did, and won.

I received School Bells, plus the seller sent four free leaves. It's been a long time since rooting AV leaves, but I'll give it a try. Two are mini's, two standards.

I doubt the minis will make it since I can't keep ready-rooted mini AV's. Oh well, it's worth a try, right?

I was soooo happy when the mailman set the box on the porch. I opened it with caution, but quick. lol.

Got my School Bells.

Only problem is, after seeing Heaven's Reflection, I'm thinking of finding one. Or any violet with long-ish foliage.

Thanks for listening... :) Toni

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Congratlations, I know the feeling of finally getting an AV you wanted.

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Thank you, thank you!!! :)

It's a great feeling, right?

Now to take pics. Toni

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bragu_DSM 5

Re: bidding

Type in an obscene bid number ... like $101 ...

wait til the final ten seconds of the auction... confirm with about 6 seconds to go ...

usually works for me.

Grats, BTW


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Congratulations, Toni

I lost a couple auctions last week. I made some good bids, was asleep by the time the final bidders swooped in to win the auctions.

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Bag your leaves or dome them and they should be fine. Good luck!


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Morning, All & Thanks,

Dave, With my luck, someone would bid 99.99. lol.
A $100.00 plant better water, fertilize and generally care for itself, and every other plant. Clean the house and cook meals.

Good theory though. Guess it depends what one could afford and willing to pay.

Aegis... hope we weren't bidding against each other. lol.
That'd be awful.
My b/p sky-rockets when bidding..I prefer Buy it Nows.

Congrats on plants/leaves you won, too.

Linda. Leaves are in water. Thanks, Toni

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bragu_DSM 5

That was just a hypothetical, and yes, by gum, the thing oughta be able to make coffee at that price ... with a shot of latte ....


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You think 100.00 is bad? Take a peek at this Jade on ebay.

Don't know if the addy will work.

If it doesn't, go to Ebay..In seach box type, Jade Plant- the Largest Indoor Plant in the World.

It has to be a joke. Toni

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bragu_DSM 5

This jade plant is also called Money Tree...

yeah, for the guy that's trying to sell it. And yes, the shipping better be free.

Wonder if I offer him $100 ...


I'd have to build a new room



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Dave, I think the ad is a joke. It'd better be.
He sells rooted cuttings.

Heck, even if I were Bill Gates daughter, I wouldn't spend that much money on his Jade.

A year or two back, another seller posted a Jade..1-million.
He too wrote, Largest Jade in the World.
His Jade was much larger than this sellers. Again, I'm assuming it was a joke..First seller didn't sell Jade cuttings. The only item he had for sale was his million dollar tree. lol.

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But think about it...he only has to sell one....


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Hi Linda.. One large tree to sell.
The one who wanted 1-million could retire if he sold it.

A crane would have been needed to move it. lol

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