My hairdresser says...

krystyna1937August 29, 2007

My hairdresser has a window full of av's. Some are gorgeous and today she let me have some leaf cuttings. She told me to be sure to cut the stems at a sharp angle or they would rot. Is there anything to this?

My own follow-up question is: should the stems be planted in the vermiculite so that they don't touch the bottom of the container, or does it not make a difference?


PS I've been editing My Page - should anyone be interessted.

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I think it's up to you.

Some folks say to cut at a sharp angle gives more plantlets on each leaf. Others say it'll take up water better. Some I know don't cut at all for fear of contamination or disease. Some let the cut dry before you plant it. I say take a leaf and stick it in some dirt or water and then wait for babies.

I'm not as neurotic as I was when I started. But you should trim it back, so you don't have something crazy like 4 inches of stem under the soil or anything like that - I keep it as close to the surface of the soil as I can - they come up faster that way!! :O)

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I don't think it makes a difference if it touches the bottom. Be sure the vermiculite is moist and not too wet or the leaf will rot before it can root. Good luck with your leaves. tish

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alenamaria(z9 CA)

Dzen dobry Krystyna,
I have checked your paintings....soo beautiful....
Pleasure for eyes.
And african violets are easy - just do not overwater, that is the most important for beginning.
Good luck,

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Czesc Alena!
I'm getting the hang of life with violets.
Thank you for visiting my site.
What part of Poland are you from and when did you leave?

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alenamaria(z9 CA)

Czesc pani Kristyno,
I am not Polish, my grandma was.
I am from Czechoslovakia, sort of... :-)
I visited Poland many times and had Polish friends. I love it there...

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This gets better and better. I was born in Slovakia so I'm fluent in both languages. My family is half Slovak half Polish. But I'm sure people on the Forum aren't interested in any of this. Anyway, I've been an American citizen since 1961. And here we all are talking about violets on the Internet. Our grandmothers would shake their heads in wonder.

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