Just want to show off my favorite

Phillip44August 15, 2013

Here is a picture of one of my favorite AVs' in my collection , "Rainbow's Quiet Riot" . My all time favorite is my "Blue Dragon" . This is one of the many I started as leaves , I can not wait for it to fill out more as it is a very young plant . And sorry for posting so much , just excited to have fellow AV enthusiasts to converse .

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My Blue Dragon . Not the best picture .....

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Hi Phillip,

Wow, both AV's are beautiful. Don't know which I like better.

The spotted flower 'Rainbow' is gorgeous, but Blue Dragon's, double foliage is outstanding.

Thankfully, no voting is required. :)

You started both violets from leaves? Congrats.

Don't know if you saw my post, but I received 4-free-violet leaves. 2 mini, 2 standard.
It's been years since I've rooted violet leaves. Hope they root.

Which method do you use? Soil or water?
If soil, which mediums are mixed for propagation?

Phillip, no need to apologize for posting....Heck, posting is the reason these wonderful forums exist.
If it wasn't for posters, it'd be a dead site. lol.

It's nice conversing with people who love plants. I haven't anyone to talk plants with, so I appreicate the forums.
Friends who, at one time grew greens got bored, or stopped for health reasons.

And, who doesn't like viewing plant pics?
I for one enjoy browsing others' plants. I'm certain many others do too. So, keep posting.
I should snap pics, too..:) Toni

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Thank you for the compliment ! I am proud of my plants .

I drop my leaves in 3oz. plastic cups using Optimara AV potting soil , in an old aquarium that I have transformed into a mini-greenhouse with a dual bulb aquarium set up . I changed the the aquatic bulbs out with the proper bulbs for AVs' . Works like a dream .

I tried the water method , but prefer the soil . As I stated in another thread , I find starting plants from leaves more rewarding , I always have that "Look what I did !" feeling .

When the Blue Dragon bloomed , I was like " WOW , now that is beautiful " .

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Wow ... They are beautiful ...

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bragu_DSM 5

I'm doing the same thing in an aquarium.

Phillip, how long does it take for the AVs to show babies?

I also am experimenting with baggies. Don't have to water those much. Otherwise, space becoming an issue.

Oh wait, my wife is after me with the butcher knife again. Something about all the 'lost' space on the island ...

ÃÂ_ÃÂ --~


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NEVER apologize for posting. We all love having some one to talk plants with as Toni says. Looking at other people's plants and hearing their growing ideas is how we learn more about our plants. I have been growing AV's for over forty years and I am still learning as everyone has a different area of expertise. So, post away!
Leaves take as long as they want to produce babies. I have had babies in two weeks and I have waited as long as a year. Both of these are extremes. The average is about six months from leaf-set to bloom. Much depends on the leaf, the variety, (some are easier than others to get babies from), and the growing conditions. I always have better luck with my winter-set leaves than my summer-set leaves which seems backwards to me but there it is. You might want to try a dome instead of baggies if you are rooting several leaves. I find it easier to lift a dome to check leaves than to deal with several baggies.


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haileybear123(6 US)

Wow! These are both beautiful happy AVs! You certainly have bragging rights. I wouldn't be able to pick between the two for a favorite. They're both going on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing :)

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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

I am also a Blue Dragon fan. I just love it. Mine just came into its first bloom, I grew it from leaf. I have two other plants from the same original leaf. Here is mine:

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Wow really beautiful, I hope one day my violets will be this pretty.

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