looking for description/Modisten Droum

shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)August 28, 2007

Hi ... I have a Swedish AV, I think it's spelled "Modisten Droum". It appears to be a standard, with dark scalloped leaves, and pink star with light purple fantasy edges. At least that's what my AV looks like. Does anyone have a formal description of it?



Baltimore, MD

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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

Shireen, it's not in FC2, probably because it hasn't been registered with the AVSA, so you might check eBay; you can pick up lots of foreign AVs, and the sellers usually have good descriptions.

Good luck.


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shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)

Korina, thank you! I searched FC2 as well, didn't find it there, probably because i's a Swedish cultivar. I got the plant from Ebay and the lady who originally sold it hasn't been on Ebay for a while. Not a big deal, whether it's blooming true or not, I love it. :-)


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This plant is listed on e-bay right now as Modisten Drom, but there appears to be an error in the description. Contact the seller, maybe she can help.


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