What am I doing wrong?

birdsnbloomsAugust 22, 2013


I have 12 violets total.

The oldest was purchased at Home Depot approximately spring 2012 for 2.00.

Variegated leaves, flowers regularly.

The last couple months I ended up with 11 new violets.
All are in the same window, 'south,' purchased from three Ebay sellers.

Don't know if I'm over-watering. Yesterday, while working on plants, I inspected violets.
6 or 7 bottom leaves, on different violets were limp, soft-brown, dead.

Other than over-watering, what causes bottom leaves to die? Violets are young, so problem isn't maturity.
Variegated African Violets leaves are fine.

Prior to Monday, days were cold, 'cold for me, 60F' and very cloudy. Cloudy days felt endless.
AV's are grouped together.
Soil is well-draining.
I thought grouping would create a humid-like atmosphere..
Now that I think about it, perhaps grouping was a mistake, since days were dark.

Anyway, does anyone know the reason lower leaves died? Thanks, Toni

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Did you repot them recently??
Maybe it's just a little bit of stress?? =/

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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

I always re-pot since the shipping potting mix they have in the store is too heavy for them. I use Miracle Grow African Violet mix and perlite in the ratio of two parts mix to one part perlite. Even the bagged mix is too heavy without the perlite. They should be damp but never soggy wet and should never sit in water. Too much water will cause leaves to rot.
I don't fertilize for a while after re-potting since the MG mix has fertilizer in it. It says it lasts six months, but I don't think it does and I begin a weak fertilizer after a couple of months.
If you have a long neck after removing the bad leaves, you can pot the neck down lower and it will grow more roots. Hope this helps.

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Jon, no, I didn't repot. However, I added a .25 strength fertilizer and Superthrive. Do you think I should have held off w/the fertilizer?

Perle. The soil seems okay..well-draining. Eventually, I'll have to repot though.
I too use MG, but amend with other mediums. Perlite, bark, etc.

Before this last week, days were very cloudy. It was more like winter. I'm wondering if too many darky days caused this problem???? I don't over-water.

No long necks, Yet! :)

Thanks guys..Toni

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Old-age can cause that bottom row of leaves to die-off. Do you remove the lower leaves as they start to yellow and fade? I do notice on mine that if I don't remove the older ones in time, they will all die off at once.


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