Question about stem/neck pruning

katie_roseAugust 1, 2014

I have an approximately 10 year old african violet that was given to me as a housewarming gift. It has done very well over the years despite my neglect, but recently I noticed it had developed a long, ugly neck so I followed the directions in the FAQ for cutting it back. Shortly after that it lost a couple outer leaves, and some of the others turned slightly yellow. Since then it has stayed exactly the same...not growing but not dying either. It has been about 4 weeks since the pruning. How long does it usually take to see new growth?

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It's hard to tell without seeing the plant and knowing what exactly you did...
Did you cut off part of the root ball or the entire thing? Remove any leaves? What are you using for potting mix? Is the plant domed/bagged?

Chances are your plant is working on growing roots, and leaf development will start once the root system is up to supporting it.


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If it had not been disturbed in ten years, it might be in shock. When I have done that with older plants, they don't do much for a long time. Sometimes it is good to start a new plant from a leaf from an older plant. It can be very gratifying to see a new, young plant growing beautifully. When I do that, then I don't mind keeping the older plant for "stock" and I don't expect too much from it. Once a plant has a really long or twisted neck, it is difficult to improve its appearance. The plant will usually continue to grow. If it looks like it is declining, then consider salvaging leaves to start a new plant, one leaf might yield several new baby plants. Joanne

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Thank you both for replying! I had to cut off the entire root ball to get it to fit in appropriate size pot. I only removed a few leaves that had turned brown. Potting mix is half bagged AV mix and half perlite. I didn't bag it for some odd reason but will try that if it's not too late. Looks like some more leaves are starting to turn pale green/yellow but still no new growth. I will definitely try starting a couple leaves while it is still alive...would hate to lost the plant altogether as it was so pretty when it was healthy! Thanks again.

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