Need help with id of plant

vall3fam(9 CentralCA)August 19, 2007

I purchased this plant as a starter plant in the spring. I replanted into a 2 1/2" oyama pot and it has grown well. It was supposed to be "Persian Prince", but I always thought it looked funny, but what do I know! I'm new to these plants and wondered why it's foilage was so "messy" and wondered how I was going to divide it and have it look like the "Persian Prince" in photos.

Anyway, I ran across a photo of "Ramblin Lassie" this week on Rob's website and lo and behold, I think this is it! The seller I got it from didn't have "Ramblin Lassie" as one of their plants, but I'm sure that is what this is.

Now that I think it is "Ramblin Lassie", it looks gorgeous! It's covered with blooms and I love it's tousled foilage.

So what do you think - "Persian Prince" or "Ramblin Lassie" or something else?

Let me know what you think!


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

It looks very much like Ramblin' Lassie from the photo on FC2. It does not grow at all like Persian Prince which grows very small with tight leaves making a small miniature.

I'd certainly vote for Ramblin' Lassie. Maybe the person who gave you the leaf doesn't know she has Ramblin' Lassie.


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vall3fam(9 CentralCA)

Thanks, Nancy. I was looking for the growth like "Persian Prince" and got what looks like a messed up hairdo! Then it started blooming like crazy and hasn't stopped. I'm going to get more pleasure from this one than the other anyway! I guess I should let the grower I purchased it from know that it is i.d.'ed wrong.


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The persian prince I have, I've about given up on. It is growing very slowly and I've had it for 2 years and still no flowers, it grows tight with lots of suckers. I'm going to toss it one day. I don't think it likes window light. I started a new plant from leaves and gave it away and the lady that got it grows under lights and it is a beautiful little plant, small and compact and yes, with bloom. Nothing like the plant in your pic. I would vote the Ramblin Lassie too....I have biscayne trail, girl leaves too and it is growing much like your Lassie only my bloom is a lighter purple. tish

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I would go for Persian Prince simply because the description of Ramblin lassie says it has variegated foliage and I can see no variegation on any of the leaves. Take off a sucker and see if you can grow it single crowned. Mine grew that way with a little trimming and grooming.
Fred in NJ

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It looks like "Painted Silk". I just got 1 on eBay because I loved the foliage. The picture for it looked just like yours, flowers and foliage. Could be wrong, but it sure looks like it..

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