Is this a proper AV propagation setup?

SamanthaMH(4)August 5, 2012

I would like to know if this is a proper AV set up? The window faces West and they receive quite a bit of light during the day. An earlier leaf that I planted seemed to grow well here and now has a few leaflets about the size of a pinky finger nail.

It is not shown in the picture, but I have a plastic stick that vents the sides of the bag like a tent.

Any feedback would be appreciated!


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This is a picture of the leaves. I think they look a little sad...

They have been in the soil for about 2 weeks now.

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aharriedmom(8B FL Sunset 28)

I'm fairly new to AVs but I think they look a little too wet - maybe vent the bag until it dries out a bit.

Also it looks like they're in too much sun (I can see shadows) - especially being enclosed. I have my leaves either on shelves beside the windows or shaded by larger plants.

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I took this picture just after watering/misting them. I checked the soil and it was dry, they are not kept this wet.

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aharriedmom(8B FL Sunset 28)

I have my leaves that are in plastic (like yours, only with the lids instead of a bag) kept in a damp soil. So far I haven't had to add any water.

Of course there's no one right way to do it so as long as they're not too wet or in direct sunlight in the bag, you should be good.

Good luck with your babies! My first attempt at propagation has babies growing off now, it's exciting.

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suecirish(6 SE MA)

If they have been in this set-up for about 2 weeks and are still alive and firm, then they are fine. At this point, they should have begun to develop roots. If you give a very slight tug on the leaf, you should feel some resistance if roots are growing and starting to anchor the leaf in the soil. You should try to keep the water off the leaves themselves when you are watering, very sparingly!

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