nymph fly

katlady4August 10, 2008

I have babies growing and I have noticed as the leaves get bigger, each one has tiny leaves growing at the very base of each leaf. The mother leaf, which I purchased on ebay, also has these little leaves at the base. Are these suckers or just a natural part of this plant?

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If the leaf is extending behind the back of the leaf, I think that you might have what is called a bustle back leaved plant.
Fred in NJ

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Hmmmm Nymph Fly is not described as bustlebacked leaves...
Nymph Fly (1897) 11/21/1968 (J. Dates) Single blue wavy wasp. Dark green, plain, pointed, spooned. Semiminiature

But what you describe sounds like normal leaf propagation to me?? Do you have a way to post a pic?

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