so many blooming

seattlemarigeneAugust 2, 2008

Its such a thrill to get up every morning and see whats blooming.last fall I had almost empty shelves and now they are full and several windows with trays in front of them.

this is one of the russian varieties barb gave me

Rozowoye selnishko

Oakie Easter bunny

Starry Night Blues

ma's neon lights

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Howdy..your AV's are gorgeous..My favorite is Rozo but all are beautiful.
What is the AV to the left of the Rozo? Toni

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Thank you Toni that is Shirl's Purple Passion.

The leaves I got from Barb and off Ebay have been so prolific I have given away lots of trays of small blooming plants this summer.My Dr's office,clerks at the stores I shop at and even the ladies who work at the water and sewer dept have violets in the windows there now..:0) ...marigene

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barbara_in_la(So. Cal.)

Wow, beautiful photos and AVs!!! Are your AVs in the first photo as close together as they look? I was told to give them more room? How do they grow for you like that?

Thanks! Barbara

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Marigene, it's really pretty..I dont know if it's single or semi-double flower, but I like the way the petals grow.
The new leaves are coming in you know the reason? I have a few plants doing the same, especially one that was started from a leaf cutting. Mom is green, but babies are white.
Fred advised me to fertilize with Fish Emulsion..actually, I like the all white look..LOL.

Barbara, don't feel's true each plant should have room, but because of space, my AV's are close together too. Gotta make room before plants come

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Yup Barb I know they are crowded.the leaves you gave me were quite willing to grow lots of babies.I am giving away extras as fast as they bloom.I want one of each not 20 of each..Even the man that came to tune up the furnace left with a tray to share with his mother in law.

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

LMAO, I love how you're giving them all away! I'm close to needing to do the same thing. It's fun, no?

Good gracious, your blooms are so gorgeous! I'm green with envy!

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What a lovely group of plants! I also have Okie Easter Bunny and find it to be a strong grower. I also have to cut back as my shelves are crowded. . . some have grown so large. Hopefully, I will find a home for the extras or I will just have to return them to mother nature. I agree that Shirl's Purple Passion is a real cutie!

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I think the white center was too much light .Ive got some to be greener by moving them around on the shelfs.I dont seem to have trouble giving away my extras,I have given them to the people who work at blockbuster and bartells too.I have to schedule a time to go to the assisted living center near here and teach the ladies how to grow violets.I want to take lots of plants to share.And then next spring is our violet show with a sales table!..:0)

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You continue to amaze me with the beautiful plants you are raising. I am so honored to have been able to be a part of that.

I see that my murky handwriting has struck again. The Russian is spelled Rozovoe Solnyshko. I checked FC2 to make sure, and I even had it spelled wrong. I'm doing more legible printed labels so that doesn't happen so much. Sorry!

And to further muddle it all, we now have a second Barbara on the forum, she is from So. California I believe from her screen name. So that wasn't me in the earlier post. It would have been, but I was at the Red Sox game!!!


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Hi I will correct the name.You sure gave me a marvelous selection of plants.I do appreciate it!.I hope you enjoyed your game.we have been watching Seafair hyrdoplane races.Next week end hubbys Nucor Steel picnic will be at the Mariners stadium.I sure hope they dont have sticky floors and garbage around..I cant enjoy a game if there is a mess around me...:0)

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barbara_in_la(So. Cal.)

Hi, yes, I didn't send you any leaves! :) I can't stop looking at your photos... And yes, I'm from So. Cal. :))

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I did get my Barbs mixed up didnt I...I sure do love being back in the violet world.I wish I had room upstairs for all the violets I have blooming..:0)

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