Pale Leaves

lucky123August 2, 2014

I have several plants that suffered from cold and subsequent root rot last April.
I trimmed the roots, dusted with cinnamon, repotted in smaller pots and the plants recovered.
However, now that the plants are getting new growth, the foliage is almost silver, the growth is slow and smaller than it should be. I suspected too much light
One plant is a red reverse and today I noticed the red reverse is almost silver!
Lack of Nitrogen!
I fertilized one small plant with a recommended amount of African Violet fertilizer and a dose of fish emulsion.
I added a few grains of 24-10-10. Not even a pinch in a quart of water.
That plant greened up.
The Red Revers turning pale under the same light and conditions as the other plants seems to be an indication of fertilizer.
The extra nitrogen is a One Time application.
I will continue using the African Violet food.
When something is wrong with violets, the possible cause is endless.
Now I know how to judge fertilizer amount by the condition of the plants!

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Nice when you can narrow it down though!
I have to admit I use Schulz av fertilizer. (Yes, I know it has urea but I am not seeing symptoms yet). Needing to green up some variegated plantlets that lost their mother leaf, I got the Schulz orchid food, which has more nitrogen. Now I alternate the two, at half strength, and they seem to work fine. (Along with the "loaded" MG perlite.


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Thanks for the Orchid Food recommendation.
I am very very careful with fertilizers.
I never fertilize a plant that is not showing healthy growth so those plants, having compromised root systems have been on plain water but now, seeing new growth, I guess they need some food.
Finding ways to accurately diagnose symptoms is Great!
Out here in the Cactus Patch, the list of environmental issues that could be whacked out is endless.
I am slowly sorting it out.

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I read that Schultz does not have enough urea to worry about. I alternate it with Optimara because Schulz dissolves easily. but Optimara is granules that turn the water blue. i have used Schulz for a ong before joining the forum because you can buy it anywhere.
The worst thing for my plants is untreated water,
because my water has ammonia in it. the fert
does not seem to matter and I use it sparingly. J

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Look at it this way. How can they grow without a little nourishment? Once they have roots, they need a bit of something to sustain them. If they are in a mix with no nutrients, we have to provide it.


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That's the stuff I use, mind, the last one in the row is really hard to measure, so I just use a small pinch per watering can. Mainly because i have it. So not very often....
The other two I like because they are very easy to measure, even for small watering devices such as a condiment bottle (1 drop is about half strength in a 300ml container).
I also use Epsom salt every once in a while, to make myself feel better when I have concerns about ph ;-p
And yes, my plants have been doing much better since I've been using water conditioner.


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Hi Karin Are these great shots from your new Photo Bucket account? Joanne

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Nah, this was just a grab shot from my phone, directly uploaded to GW.
I use photobucket when I want to post more than one, or something specific that was already uploaded to Photobucket. Else it just adds ten extra steps....

I like to use whichever tool will serve my purpose using the least amount of work ;-)

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