Finding powerful plant growth hormones,concentrated

doroteaAugust 30, 2008

HI; i am a newly amateur gardener; my cousin makes wonderful flowers, african violets,and orchids; she uses a powerful concentrated liquid plant growth hormone,which, altho very poisoneous if mishandled,works wonders on her plants.i have tried to find the same powerful liquid plant growth hormone in the small bottle, and cannot find it.i think they are very limited where i live.does anyone know the exact hormone,product, and where i would get it? maybe buy it on the web?i have tried the stupid big box hardware and garden centers here, nothing. can someone advise me? thanks so much, dorotea

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Hi Dorotea,

I don't know much about propagating orchids by cuttings and the necessity of using a growth hormone for success. I do know that from reading and personal experience that growth hormones don't do anything for African violets. I've even read that it can have a negative affect. So unless you are wanting the growth hormone also for orchids, I would save your money.

That wasn't your question though. In answer to your question, I'm sorry I don't know the product or the place where to find it.


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Maybe you could ask your cousin since she uses it, and when you find out where she gets it and the specific name of the product please share the secret with the rest of us.

There is a product called Superthrive which is suppose to be a vitamin or hormone and not a true fertilizer. The company that sells it makes some spectacular claims, but from what I have read about this product they could all be exaggerations and overstatements in advertising. According to the labeling on the product it is used by the US Army and Navy, but I am wondering why these branches of our military would use much of it. But there are no warnings on the label that I remember reading about that stated that it may be poisonious if mishandled.



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