lilypad22(7)August 14, 2007

Is there a back issue of the AVSA magazine that explains sports? Is it something I should write them and request they do an article about?

I know a sport is a plant that grows different than the named variety. I have two little optimara I rescued from walmart, one was purple after a couple of bloom turns it sends up a stalk with purple and white stripes (not uniform stripes but every petal has some varring white stripe and other stalks are purple. Is there a chance this plant is going to keep blooming like this with two kinds of bloom? If it is sporting, what does that mean will happen to the plant, will it become a sport? I was told to take the bloomstalk with the stripes and try and root it and the plant should be striped like that..right now it has no leaves so I don't think it will root right? I'm waiting for leaves to form and enjoying the pretty bloom as long as I can.

Then there is the other resuce that has purple stalks and also pink stalks. I'd like it to keep blooming that way, but will it go one way or the other? It's too cute to stay the way it is...thats murphys law.

So is the first plant a sport, is it sporting and if it changes to the stripes will it be a sport? If I get the bloom stem to grow and get the stripes, will it be a sport of the parent?

If you have leaves from a known sport, can you take leaves from it and grow the same sport or will leaves be the former plant color?

Can you do something that will make a plant sport, this purple stripe was near a white opt, but only seeds would pollinate, that wouldn't effect the bloom right?

The more I think about it, the more confused I get. I have other questions, but they just arent' coming to mind right now. Any help for me?

Thanks, tish

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Hi Tish,
You certainly have a lot of questions about sports and I am not sure if I am qualified to answer them for you, but hopefully somewhere in this message there will be at least one thing that will help you.
First of all a sport is a mutant. They pop up frequently in unstable plants and usually the plant keeps on sporting.
There is no way of telling if and when it will stop. You can try putting down a leaf and see if that matches the sport. If the bloom is a striiped or pinwheel blossom it may be a chimera which will not propagate the same way from a leaf, only from a sucker. Still if you put down a leaf and it remains true to the sport, then take a leaf from that plant and put it down too. If the plant remains true after 3 generations it will be stable, hopefully.
As for the plant with the two different blooms on it, more than likely it will change to one color and in my case the color I didn't care for. It's a crap shoot. Chimeras will need to be propagater from suckers or they will revert to something else.
Fred in NJ

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Thanks fred, that helped some. So I've been interested in getting some chimera, keep losing the ones I really want on ebay cause I can't pay that much. But some growers/sellers state their chimera plant was grown from a bloom stalk...does that make that particular plant more likely to revert to something else because they didn't use a sucker? I wouldn't want to pay a chimera price for a plant that might become a regular violet, you know? Thanks, tish.

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mscynthia(8 - just N of Dallas TX)

My understanding, albeit limited, is that bloom stalks or suckers will propagate true. I don't think one is less likely to revert or sport than the other.

I didn't even know you could propagate from a bloom stalk until a couple of weeks ago. This board is great for learning :)

I planted a leaf of Sora Pink Clouds (chimera) just to see what I get.

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HI again,
Bloomstalks do not neccesarily bloom true. I have planted a number of chimera bloomstalks of The Alps and still haven't grown a plant that has the stripe.
Fred in NJ

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