disaster- falling leaves

mbjosAugust 29, 2007


Just returned from vacation to a disaster. Someone knocked over deli container with leaves in it Just picked up and put it back. Leaves are all mixed up, don't know what's what. When fixing plants all leaves have rooted and some have babies starting(so excited). Repotted all leaves. Do you think they will survive? Has this happened to anyone else? If so, with what results? Soooooo upset!!!!!


Mary Beth

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Hi Mary Beth,
If the leaves were still in decent condiion I don't see why they wouldn't still work. If they start to go blah then you might have to cut off the ends and restart them.
Fred in NJ

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Should be alright. If you see any rotting/dark spots on the leaves, cut that area out/off or it will spread and you'll lose the leaf. tish

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Keep all those name tags. When plantlets begin to bloom you can start trying to find the appropriate name. If you have FC2 you can verify the color and shape of the foliage and you will have the color of the flower. Then you might have a picture of the same plant. Good luck!


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I was going to post about keeping the names and forgot. I was going to say that when I lose a name label or if someone gives me a leaf or plant and "thinks" the name is____ or if I have a noid..I keep a small notebook and give the plant a number and put the number in the book and on the label. In the book, I write where the plant came from and why it's got a number and I describe the leaf. Then later if I have more info, like the bloom color or think I found the name, I write that down. If you still have the names, as you find the ones that match the plant, you can remove the number. tish

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thanks for all the info. Hopefully I'll be able to name them once they bloom. Only four different type leaves 2 or 4 of each type'. I kept the name tags. Thanks again.
Mary Beth

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What are the names of the leaves, maybe we could help with some id. Leaves are so often so much the same when they are mixed up, but some have a little scallop, some are red on the back, dark gr, etc.


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erlyberd(Z5 CT)

How are they doing?

Like Lilipad, I put the plant name and a number on each pot bottom and can look in my note book to find exactly when I last repotted it etc. That way if it takes the tumble and was ready for repotting its a snap.

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Hi everyone,
Just a brief update. All falling leave seem to be doing well.
Only have 5 different types of leaves- Everpraise and Everlove-Neptune,Vampire Kisses, and a Russian Kosmicheskain Legenda. All are pretty common leaves. I'm seeing some babies popping! Soooo excited, a mom for the first time! Once they bloom(months from now?) I should be able to identify them. I hope. If and when I start new Leaves I'll follow the above advise. Live and learn. Thanks to all. Hopefully I'll learn how to post pictures and show you my results.
Mary Beth

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