when to separating babies from leaf

dustin_nevadanorth(z5 NV)August 10, 2007

Ok it takes 6 weeks to 4 months on average from the time you put a leaf down until you get mouse ears. Now how long does it take the mouse ears to grow up and be large enough to separate into their own pots? At what size do you separate minis? Some post I have read say to wait until the baby is an inch or two across before separating but with minis that seems like it will take a while. What do you do?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dustin -

I wait until the plantlet has 4 leaves. You use this rule with the minis - so then you do not need to guess what size it should grow to.

Sometimes there are 2-3 big babies and the rest is still small. If you want to save more plantlets - chip off and plant the big ones and plant a momma-leaf with small babies back to the pot.

How fast you get the babies - depends on the time of the year and variety. If you start feeding the leaf with babies with a weak solution of the fish emulsion - they will grow faster.



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dustin_nevadanorth(z5 NV)


Thanks for the info. What is the time range it takes from mouse ears to separation when you use fish emulsion?


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dustin -

I never actually marked it. It can be a month or less or more - depending on the time of the year - winter slows it, variegated do it much much slower, different varieties have their own time schedule.

Can you actually do it for all of us - take 2 mouse ears plugs and compare their growth with and without fish emulsion? Even better if it'd be the same variety.


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