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bspoffordAugust 24, 2009

I have 36 seed trays (11x22") of leaves, plantlets, etc in various stages of propagation. These trays will hold up to 50 1 ounce cups each. And no, I don't even want to count the contents....

So, my new motto is "A tray a day". I have been diligently going through at least one tray a day and grooming, separating, splitting, repotting, discarding, or what ever else needs to be done to the contents.

I've been through about 15 so far. It's like cleaning out a cupboard or a closet. I'm finding stuff I forgot I had! Just goes to show what that happens to that single leaf I picked up from someone here and there.

One result of all this is that I no longer feel compelled to propagate every leaf I pick off. Or take every leaf offered.

I actually get about 3-4 trays done when the Red Sox have a game on......more if they are winning - lol.


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YOu really sound like a glutton for punishment. 36 trays? Wow! I just pulled apart a petrocossmia today and got two separate plants out of it and then I put down about 10 of the little leaves. I also took a crown off Macs Cameo Camelot because I had tried groing it as a trailer because it suckered so much. When I stripped off leaves to get it down to a small crown without any suckers, I couldn't resist putting down some of the leaves I had just removed. I jsut kept trimming the bottoms of each leaf and inserting it into a small container that I brought home from Wendys which had a baked potato in it.
I really got carried away and put 20 little leaves in the container.
I guess none of us addicts can resist propagating.
Fred in NJ

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"I guess none of us addicts can resist propagating."

Very hard for me to resist also. I have moved away from standards to more minis and semi's just because of the space requirements. A good mini leaf is hard to turn down....


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I was good and did NOT put down yet another Rebel's Astro Spinner leaf when one broke off by accident. I was definitely tempted though. What I need to work on now is to quit putting leaves that I picked the babies off of back down to see if I can get more babies. Really, how many more plantlets do I need? It's kind of driving me crazy, that I can't just throw that leaf away.

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I always put down more leaves than I need. I just can't resist doing it. I keep telling myself that I am growing them to give to friends. About 4 months ago I put about a dozen leaves of Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler. I had them in a covered container and eventually forgot about them. At the executive meeting of my local club we talked about buying a project plant for the members to raise and I said I would donate the plantlets of BCS if I had enough. When I pulled them apart to pot up I hnd 28 of them which is more than enough for the club. At least I have a bit more room now and the club doesn't have to spend a hundred dollars on project plants.
Fred in N J

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"I was good and did NOT put down yet another Rebel's Astro Spinner leaf when one broke off by accident."

quinnfyre, you're prolly better off not having put it down.
Rebel's Astro Spinner is a chimera, and chimeras can't be propagated true by leaves... :-)

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