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Subversive(6A)August 30, 2005

Does anyone know why Tinari's doesn't ship their AVs any more, or if perhaps they may do so again in the future? There are several Tinari varieties I'd love to have, but I don't know anyone else who sells their plants, and since they're something like 8 hrs. from me... It's a shame, considering that they were once *the* place to get violets.

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I was thinking their greenhouses were either closed or bought out. Violet Gallery used to have some of the Tinari hybrids available. I'm providing a link for you to check their site.


Here is a link that might be useful: Violet Gallery

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Oh, they're still around - and looks like they're still in the family - and they still *grow* AVs, just don't ship them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tinari Greenhouses

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Thanks for the info. If they still grow the violets you want, maybe a weekend trip can be planned. It could be a nice outing for you, spending the night and viewing the greenhouses. I'm glad to know they kept this in the family. Many of their hybrids are quite beautiful. "Wisteria" is one that always comes to mind when their name is mentioned.


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I have been to Tinari's a couple of times. The last time it was obvious that Frank was not doing well, had trouble both getting around and remembering things. Since he died things have changed -a lot. AVs are no longer the main focus of the business - it's just another greenhouse.

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I managed to get in touch with Tinari's (went through the "Dave's Garden" watchdog site) - here's the question/comments I sent and the response I got in return. At least now we know, hm? (Although the "we have found that mail order often cost more than our products" part makes me wonder if they've seen some of the prices for hard-to-find plants on ebay recently?)

I ordered my first "designer" African violets from Tinari's nearly 20 years ago - I know you don't currently ship your plants, but since no one else seems to grow your family's varieties, I'm hoping you will once again make them available via mail order or perhaps even on-line purchase, and I know there are plenty of other African violet afficionados who feel the same. Given the long history of Tinari Greenhouses' contributions to the spread of African violets, it would be a shame to lose all of those lovely older cultivars.
Thank you for your interest in Tinari Greenhouses, Inc. We apreciate your feed back about our violets.

Due to the rising cost of shipping accross the U.S. and abroad we have found that mail order often cost more than our products. Within the last two years we have seen local competitors go out of business due to high fuel cost. (If you check with any commercial grower in the mid-Atlantic region you will find the same conditions exist.) Because of these two events we have changed our focus to our local walk-in trade. This has proven to be most successful from a business standpoint. We understand your love for the Violet growing hobby and hope you support your local growers in your area.

Tinari Greenhouses, Inc
2283 Valley Road
Huntingdon Valley Pa 19006

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