LindaAugust 20, 2013

Does anyone have a recommendation for gloves to use while working with violets?

My gardening gloves are too bulky and the HD latex gloves are too flibbaly. I need something for small hands that will fit tightly and make it easy to do the violeting chores we all have to do.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

I use HD latex - and chuck them every time I get called to real life. You probably can bum several blue ones from your doctor and figure out where to get a box of them. I think they are tighter.


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I have the HD ones and they are so big they're pretty much useless. I may try E Bay buy I'm not sure what to look for.


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bragu_DSM 5

you could always use the gloves that come w the hair color kits too, but your local pharmacy should have them.
labs order them by the truckload.

if you have sensitive skin, beware of the ones with powder inside ...

ÃÂ.ÃÂ --~


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Linda, most stores sell Latex gloves.
They come in sizes extra small-extra large.
I too have small hands..I don't wear gloves when I work with house plants, but when cleaning the bathroom, I don extra-small. They fit perfect.

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