Rob's Pink Buttercups

whistlermtAugust 31, 2007

Hello lovely Violet people...I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with Rob's P.B.? I have a little set up at work where I have three of his mini's blooming beautifully, but the freebie that he sent me has not bloomed even once! R.P.B. seems to really get bunchy if he's near the light, so I've tried covering him with a postit note which was okay, but ugly so now he's hiding under two of my standard NOID's. Like I said I got him as a freebie from Rob about 8 months ago and he has yet to produce anything, all the other mini's that I ordered at the same time are on there second round of blooms. Any suggestions? Here's some pics of my set up, click the thumbnail to go to a larger image.

Thank you!


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Sorry for the double post...

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The only thing I can think of is to try repotting it. If it's been 8 months, dig the plant up, check out the roots, make sure that it doesn't have a long neck under the soil, etc. If you're desperate to see some bloom, I'd also give some bloom boosting fertilizer a shot. This could also cause bunching of the foliage, so don't do it for too long.

I just find some varieties take longer to come into bloom. Especially as younger plants? Rob's Zoot Suit I've had for 9 months now, and I've only seen 2 measly blooms so far, but right now it seems like it's building up some buds, so I think some just take patience.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Maybe if you drop it from a two story stairwell...

Actually "they" say to tap the root ball on the table, or squeese the root ball to snap it into action.

If you repot it, that should be enough handling. Bet in 6 weeks after repotting you'll have a bloom.


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I have had more problems with Rob's violets than any other. Either they throw suckers and don't bloom or root rot, or just get pretty foliage and that's it. I do have some that are doing well. But the ones that are not really disapoint me.


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