Growing AVs from seed

sueok_gwAugust 4, 2014

Someone very nice sent me a package of Park's AV Fantasy Teacup Hybrid seeds. Does anyone here have experience growing AVs from seed? I tried starting gloxinias from seed years ago, with little success, but I'm older now, so I can do this, right? Any words of wisdom here?


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I'm just growing out my first batch of seeds :-)

I didn't have much of a plan when I started, moistened some commercial av mix, put it in a sour cream container, made sure it was level, scattered the seeds and closed the container off with clear food wrap. Placed it on my grow shelf and waited...
Then, some 8 days later, I found my first sprout.
The second seed pod I planted the same way, but using av soil cut with perlite. It yielded about 1/3 as many seedlings. Now each seed pod is unique, so I don't know if the choice of potting mix mattered...

One thing to pay attention to though - check how many seeds are in that packet. My first seed pod yielded 150 seedlings - so the sour cream container got really crowded really fast...

I'll add the link where I documented my little adventure...


Here is a link that might be useful: My AV hybridizing experiment

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Thank you, Karin. I saw your thread, but thought you were in way too deep for me! I enjoyed reading through it now though. I guess I'll jump in and try it. Just planting a package of seeds sounds easy now.

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Post some updates if you would. How long to sprout, how many, and other details. I started a pack early last spring but I think it was too cold. We don't heat in the spring but it gets 40 and below at night
Nothing came up for an entire pack of seeds.

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Photos are always awesome! Besides, saves taking notes ;-p
I'd be interested in how a commercial seed mix would do compared to a 'fresh' seed pod. Losses would be more acceptable, I expect, if you haven't been nurturing the pod for over half a year...
But once they sprout, they're all your babies, so selecting which ones to grow out is harder than getting them started to begin with...


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