bragu_DSM 5August 16, 2013

Okay you guys, a question about sports, feel free to 'chimera' right in ...

Been growing outdoor plants (hostas) for oh, 20 years or more, more in the last 15, but I digress.

I always have tried to look for sports.

I am either unlucky on that score (bad pun intended, mom would be SO proud), or not very observant.

Can't find one, that makes it from YTY, worth propagating, or that is stable, and without resorting to some kind of TC.

Is the frequency of a sport in the AV world such that, because of crazy loose genetics, it happens more frequently in violets, like creating chimeras that have to be propagated via guillotine, rather than leaf cuttings.

Yes, like the astronomer who would like to find a 'new' comet he is allowed to name ...

Right now, it's all 'Bragu's Folly'

Deep philosophical joke there.

Thots, experiences with AV sports, chimeras ... life .. and more?

Have been going through the last several [5] years of threads, and I appreciate the collective wisdom/knowledge that is to be had here ...

Hug your loved ones today, and tomorrow.

ÃÂ_ÃÂ - - ~


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i'm no sure what you're looking for specifically.
but I think I have a chimera: all flowers on the stalk have stripes. both plants are division (sep crowns) from the mother. the left is the same as before. on the right only 1 stalk is different.
now I searched and they say you can propagate this single stem to get a new plant that should be also chimera?
but I can't find any info on how to propagate from peduncle.
I did from leaves, crown suckers, but never a stem.
anybody knows how? or is worth doing?

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I also have another plant that produces darker coloration on some stalks from time to time. it's a sport, I guess, but the darker color does not take over the plant. it's always mixed, some light, a few dark. it looks nice, I leave it be.

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bragu_DSM 5

I understand it is possible to generate new growth/flowers by using keiki paste on the flower stalk.

I am wondering when you go to put down a leaf, other than in a fantasy, how many have had something completely different come up, a new sport. And I am not talking about putting down a chimera leaf cuz I know that won't work.

Or am I just insane? (Or I am only sane one and rest of world is nuts?)

.. that's it...



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thanks, I got info on keiki paste (used to grow orchids).
bit late to get it though, it's half way thru bloom.
but got good info on rooting bloom stem at violet barn and violetvoice. will try surgery tomorrow :).
I usually root in perlite, would starter mix with half perlite be better for later xplanting(less disturbance?) and faster growth? since perlite has no nutes, stuff grows ultra slow...
Irina said more sunlight causes birthmarks and sports.
mine get a good amt of dappled sun-lite in west window - sev hours and bloom not-stop and are very robust (on wicks) and in very good color. soon as I move them away from sun the color fades noticably.
I think it's easier to get a sport from dual color violet. not as reversion to solid color, but diff pattern of dual color.
have you been trying to produce sports purposefully?

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Some violets types sport more readily than others. Some types/varieties are genetically unstable, Ask anyone who has ever grown 'Playful Spectrum' and you'll get that many different descriptions of what this variety sported into. Some plants will begin to start to express different genetic traits that were not seen earlier in that plant. In my experience, the closer a violet is to the original S. ionantha, the less it will tend to revert or sport. When I began growing 100 years ago, I don't remember ever even having heard of sports. After the frenzy of hybridizing that has gone on over the last few decades, we are getting further and further away from the original species and sports are popping up everywhere.

Your striped plants may or may not be chimeras. I have one or two plants that look more like chimeras than some chimeras but they are not. You would have to start them from a leaf to see what you get. At the national convention in Detroit I talked to a grower who had propagated a chimera by leaf and the resulting plant was entered into the show. She said she does this often and that the dominant rather than the recessive color will express itself in the clone. It was a lovely plant. Sporting and chimeras are all about the genetics.

Growing in a different medium should not influence growth rate if everything else remains the same. You just need something that will support your cutting and retain moisture. There are no need for nutrients until a plant grows roots, (there are differing thoughts on this
but basically, a plant without roots cannot take up nutrients), and then you should fertilize weakly. Weekly.
Or weekly, weakly, whichever you prefer.


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ok, may be it's not a chimera, just a sport. I planted the flower stem, we'll see what grows.
I have another candidate for chimera. that is from the plant with cut-off crown that I was using as a breeder. left the top sucker to grow and now it's flowering on a long 'trunk'. on 2 stems already I have a pinwheel pattern. waiting to see how the rest flowers open up.
quite different from original, which was white with burgundy wavy picotee edge.

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that's a pic of another 'baby' that has original pattern

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