Do humidity trays work?

BittyBats(8)August 31, 2014

So when I first read how to increase humidity around my plants, humidifiers and trays of pebble and water were listed. Also grouping them together. But recently I read how humidity trays don't actually work. What do you guys think?

How important do you think humidity is? Would plants still be able to bloom as long as they are watered correctly, getting enough light/fertilizer, etc?


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I don't know. I think I may have found something like you read and it seems to say that they don't increase humidity in the room. I'm not trying to increase humidity in the room. I'm only trying to increase humidity around a plant.

I have a few sitting on gravel in a saucer with water. I think it helps. The water evaporates and it goes somewhere. I think it goes up around the plants. The plants are right above it. It's a little like when my MIL and my mother kept some plants at the window by their kitchen sinks and they benefited from the extra humidity in that area.

There aren't many things that I worry about it with - these are some new episcias.


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judyj(Z5 CO)

Before I got my little mini greenhouse, the only place I could successfully grow AVs was on the window sill over the sink. My guess is that the extra humidity helped tremendously.

However, I've got some growing at work, with standard office humidity (read: very little, LOL!), and they do quite well, including the streps.

I have read that humidity trays do a good job, but I've never used one just because there's no where to put one here. Then I got the mini greenhouse and it keeps the humidity at a great level-even when the front is opened up.

Seems to me there was a web page I looked at a few weeks ago where the person used humidity trays almost exclusively and the plants were lush. A quick look didn't show a book mark but I'll try and find it for you.


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I read on Dr. Optimara or Violet Barn or one of those that humidity trays add 15% to the humidity
So, when my humidity is 8%, add 15% of 8%, still dry as the proverbial bone.
AV's do well over the kitchen sink but elsewhere, yes, humidity is a factor in their well being.
I am looking for very good looking Domes, maybe glass over time, as my collection is small so I can dome the plants during the fall and spring when the humidity is single digits.
It is humid enough summer and winter so just a few months in the domes. As for humidity trays, I dunno..

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Thanks, I always appreciate all your inputs and advices. :D

It's very humid were I live, but inside is another matter. I've been seeing a lot of new leaf growth, but not much else. Im doing the tray thing too, but had trouble balancing on the rocks and lil stands I made. I just bought smaller trays for the pots to go in and sit that on top of the bigger tray with water. Just hoping that's enough for humidity.

Lucky, I've read some people use aquarium tanks. I don't think it'd look bad. :) I've also seen pics of those cake displays, but itd probably only fit in one plant, depending.


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paul_(z5 MI)

Humidity trays do very little good -- especially if one has decent air circulation in the room. Typically, the extra humidity only extends about an inch above the tray before dissipating to insignificant levels.

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judyj(Z5 CO)

Something to consider (I'm using this with strep leaves I'm rooting)-
Maybe using a capillary mat kept damp under the plants-without letting them touch it? I guess you could always use a dome with them too (which I do with the strep leaves). Paul's correct about the air circulating; I hadn't thought of that because of our little greenhouse. We do keep the the front up to help with circulation and heat build up.

However, if you group them close enough (but not leaves touching), it may help to keep the humidity up-even if it's just a couple inches off the mat.

Just a thought-

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Darn. I was really hoping the trays would help. Imma group em like how Judy said. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.

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judyj(Z5 CO)

Just FYI- Though I'm sure space is a consideration for most folks!

One of the mini-greenhouses at Lowe's(R)-the same kind I'm using-is only around $40 here. I paid $37 or thereabouts for four 7 inch high domes. I can get eight regular trays in there. The domes are only used for planted leaves and suckers (and I'm looking at another mini-greenhouse for them-only using two domes right now).

Rough dimensions are 27x19x62, in inches. I can put two trays on each level.

Just something to consider. The humidity levels stay VERY nice, particularly with the addition of something like a simple bowl of water (which I used before I got the cap mats)-and even when the front is left open (it zippers up and down).


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