How to pollinate an african violet?

hippeastrumadmirer(5)August 21, 2009

Hello guys i was just wondering how can i polinate an african violet? I know in the middle there is this yellow thing, that's probably the pollen and the stigma is the long female part? But what I don't get is that the african violets have no pollen, if if they bloom, like the yellow is a very dry yellow? How do you pollinate it? Thanks!

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this is what i did. you pull off the flower you'l use for the dad. cut its anthers in half- the anthers are the yellow sticky up part in the middle. rub the anthers over the pistil in the middle of the anthers of the mom plant. nsome plants work better as moms.if your lucky itll take and a seedpod will start to swell up. always lable your crosses that way if you like it you can do it again. according to books a seedpod is ripe when it dries up.

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Just to clarify Leslie's response, the pollen is INSIDE the yellow anthers. That is why it is cut in half.

You should cut away the pollen sacs (anthers) from the 'mom' flower as soon as it is open to avoid self pollination. Pollen sacs of the 'dad' should be allowed to mature 5-7 days before being used to pollinate the flower. And, the stigma upon which you place the pollen is usually ready to accept pollen 2-3 days after the flower is fully open. So pay heed to your timing!

Good luck!


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Be prepared if it takes though. You will have a seed pod with a 100 or so seeds. And any one of them could be the next big winner at a show.
Fred in NJ

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can a person pollinate male and female flowers on the same violet? I just want the same violet but many seeds to propagate.

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African Violets don't come true from seed. Even if you cross a variety with itself. You'll have more success stripping leaves off an entire plant and propagating it that way. Even if you have to go a few rounds to get into the hundreds, it will probably take less time than growing seed pods (6 or so months), then babying the plantlets for months before they bloom, and then chucking out 90% or more because they are not up to scratch.

I am growing out two seed pods worth of seeds, and I probably have some 200 tiny plants. But they didn't come labelled as to which will be worth keeping. And I am getting to a point where I don't have the space to keep them all.
Still, I think everyone should try it at least once :-)


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