FALL Round Robin starting soon

ima_diggerAugust 13, 2014

Check out the Exchanges page. Debbie is taking names for the Fall RR. If you are interested, go and add your name.

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Sounds like fun, but ten plants or leaves would be about the max that would manageable for me.

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If you read the rules, you would see that you only replace how may you took. So if you took four pkg (bag) of leaves, then you would put four pkgs (bag) of leaves back in box. Usually 2-4 leaves in each bag, same variety. It's a lot of fun, and you never know what you find in the box. It's a great way to increase your collection. Come join us.

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Thank you! I thought I had to put 25 in the box! I think I will sit this next one out and maybe try for the October one.
I am having a problem with some of my plants that might be due to the water conditioner I was using. So I will wait until I determine what the problem is. I have a few plants promised to people for ages now that have not been growing, I think it is due to the water.

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