Newbie with African violets

RhondaLee1August 24, 2011

Hi everyone, I bought an african violet back in March. It was in bloom with purple flowers. The regular kind, not the frilly ones. Anyway, I put it in an Eastern Window and only watered when the top was dry, which was usually once a week and I added a diluted african violet fertilizer each time. Well, it contined to grow ok, no more flowers. I did transplant it into a pretty pot when I got it. The leaves started to come out with weird shapes. I thought maybe the soil was too "tight", so I repotted it with orchid "bark" soil that was much looser and put a few stones in the bottom of the ceramic pot to help drainage. I also put it in a water tray with pebbles for humidity. Now all of the leaves are weird?!?! It keeps making new leaves, but the kind of look deformed. I am sorry, I would add a pic, but have not figured that one out yet. Can anyone help? Do you know what causes this?

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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Here is a pic

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First, the pot is too big for your violet. Soil should be kept moist. Also check to see if it has mealy bugs (little white fluffs near the center of plant). I'm sure someone with more knowledge will chime in.

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The leaves look okay to me but you will have to be careful not to overwater it. The bigger and deeper the pot, the more likely it will get root rot.

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Thanks for the you think I should replant it into a smaller pot?

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I would definitely repot to something smaller. Don't use the orchid bark, it's just going to break down and make your plant unhappy.

I believe the recommended mix is 1:1:1 spagnum peat, vermiculite, and perlite. My plants seem happy with store mixed AV soil mixed 1:1 with perlite.

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Thank you sonority,I am going to do that today and see if it helps. I have some spagnum peat and perlite. I should be able to mix that half and half?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Rhonda -

you can be in trouble - because peat moss is quite acid - and the resulting mix won't be good. I would get a bag of AV soil- Scotts, Miracle Grow - and cut it with 1/2 perlite. It is already adjusted tp be almost neutral and it has fertiliser added - so you can skip on fertilizing for the next couple of months. Your plant is not only in a pot that is 3 times too big, it is also planted way too deep. The leaf stalks shouldn't be buried.

Regarding leaf spots - I am thinking that it came from a greenhouse with 70% humidity, constantly moist soil and light filtered to "just right" - and straight into the house with a humidity of 25% - etc, etc. - so it is adjusting.


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I repotted it into a smaller pot, does this look better? You can click on the pic to see a larger version.

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Much better!

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