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mauvegirl8(Texas)July 18, 2014

Do you grow the Crape Myrtle, ' Velma's Royal Delight '? She arrived via UPS today from Florida. This variety is not found locally. Maybe it once was. Driving around, I have seen a vibrant violet near older homes. I already have 'Catawba', 'Zuni', 'Yuma', 'Osage', 'Pink Velour' and 'Rhapsody in Pink'.

I researched online. I even found the real Velma's obituary. It was named after her. I reckon it was growing in her yard.

Any information or photo about Velma's Royal Delight appreciated.

Secondly, I cannot stop staring at Sonia Rykiel today. It is a rose of remarkable beauty. The petals are tight. The availability of this rose is rather limited. I'm delighted to have acquired her in my collection.

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Sonia Rykiel, France, 1991
named after the French fashion designer

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Your Sonia is beautiful!

This is the fourth summer for my two VelmaâÂÂs. I LOVE their color! They live up to their reputation as a slow grower, but bloom very well for me. I believe they are usually marketed as a dwarf, but a local nursery has three planted together in the curve of their entrance which have been there many years and are at least 12 ft tall, so not as dwarf as some, but not giants, either. Mine are a little over 5 ft tall now. Two Catawbas that I planted at the same time are twice their size. ItâÂÂs drizzling rain and overcast today, so couldnâÂÂt get very good pictures. The camera on my phone really didnâÂÂt capture the color very well. My pictures make them look much pinker than they are...they are a deep, yet still bright, purple if that makes sense.

HereâÂÂs a full bush shot of oneâ¦I will probably prune them into tree form when they are taller:

Tried to get a good close up, but my camera didnâÂÂt like thatâ¦again, much more purple than it appears and not as blurry :)

Here are the two Catawbas planted at the same time for comparison:

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

mauvegirl and pat, beautiful rose and beautiful crape myrtle. I think I may have Catawba and it's stayed fairly small. Great effect flanking the gate.

Sonia Rykiel has that beautiful old rose look, cupped and full of petals. I'm not sure it fits the designer it's named after, who is very avante garde, to say the least.


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I ran by the nursery at lunch to get pics of mature Velma's for you, but raining heavy now, so again didn't get very good shots and again they are more purple than they appear. There are actually 5 Velma's in a row, rather than three. I'm assuming they would be wider if planted farther apart. Theirs are full of buds, but not as many open as on mine yet...maybe since theirs are partially shaded. Here are the best shots I could get:

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Oh my gosh! Thank you for the responses. Mostly, for going out of your way to take photos. Velma is more deep violet or purple then Catawba. That's what I need, a more vibrant hue of violet. I like the long driveway and stately gate.
So picturesque.

I planted a miniature rose at the foot of my fledgling Velma. The rose is Peanut Butter & Jelly AKA 'Chipmunk'. It's one of the few roses by a female rose breeder, Lauren M. Chaffin, United States, 1991. Males seem to dominate rose hybridizing.

P.S. Ingrid, I concur about the real Sonia Rykiel. Alas, I love my eccentrics (people, that is).

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I wasn't familiar with Peanut Butter & Jelly, but looked it up on HMF. Wonderful will look great with Velma!

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