how do I post a photo?

krystyna1937August 21, 2007

I'd like to post a photo of one of my AV plants. From what I'm reading here about trailers, I belive one of mine is one and I'd like some suggestions on what to do or not to do. Can someone talk me through the process? I have a Mac, if that makes a difference. I've searched the site for instructions but so far I'm stymied.


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I assume your pics are stored somewhere on your computer.....right? From there, go to ( I believe you need to register) ( no registration needed, just upload from the main page) need a free photo hosting service, personally I use imageshack, but anyways. From there, you should see somewhere that says to upload/browse/host photos on your computer, find them, upload them, and paste the html tag in your posts here.......the tag should read at the start a href then a website name.....the code will start with pointy brackets.....I cant write it here, because it will automatically insert a pic. After you have pasted it here in Gardenweb, you will not see the pic until you click the preview message button at the bottom of the page.

Now the only thing I cant answer you about is whether a mac stores picture files as something other than the ones recognized on a windows pc (jpg, gif, tiff....etc) If that is the case, someone else will chime in that possibly uses a

Hope it works for you, try it here.


Here is the code for this pic, yours will look something like this too, I have removed the that the code should begin with.

a href="">

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Thank you for your help. I've actually uploaded the picture to imageshack but now I'm stuck.
I'm somewhat computer challenged. What's the html tag? Where do I find it?
In what order do I do these things?
See, I'm quite a bit challenged.

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K I hope this helps.....use imageshack

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I saw both those pages last night. Didn't understand what I was seeing on the second page, thinking I was supposed to go back to the Forum to find its tag.
I'll hve to wait until this evening or tomorrow but I ought to be able to manage this -- as they say, it's not rocket science.
And by the way, you had me going with that little bug. I tried to wipe it off my screen!

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Thats too funny, I tried wiping from my screen too when I first saw it, so I had to save it......once you "get" how to post photos, you'll be doing it all the After the first time, it gets easier, and less time consuming.


let me know if you need any more help

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Butting in - Krys, the file extensions (jpg, etc.) are the same on a mac as on a PC. :0)

Here's instructions copied from another post I found, if this helps at all:

If the URL for the picture is xxx...

(but don't put space between the brackets, I just did that so you could see what I was doing.)

Here's an example. I'll do it without the brackets so you can see.

img src="";

With the brackets added back in, you get:

If you've uploaded to imageshack, you should be able to copy all the code.

Step 1: upload image.

Step 2: scroll down to "hotlink for websites" and copy what's in the box

Step 3: paste the shtuff you've copied into your post here. :0)

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I will pitch some here although Im not familiar with mac or Image shack, remember: make sure that you copy the entire line of code or the photo wont appear when you preview. After you have done it once successfully after that it will be easy and fun.

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