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section10August 25, 2007

A few months ago, I bought a ragged AV plant from Walmart for 50 cents and since it was my first one I inquired here about what to do. I took the advice and repotted it and pruned the dying leaves until almost all were gone. I watered cautiously and the remaining leaves started to improve and then the plant just sat for a very long time and did nothing. Finally it started putting forth new leaves and it got very bright and green, but no buds for a long time. At last the first white flower opened a few days ago and today I see several more stalks appearing through the leaves. It looks like a fine plant now and I am very pleased. Thank you.

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That is great you had the patience to stick with it. Now you are ready for more violets! Take care. tish

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section10 those WalMart rescues can turn out to be some real beauties with a little loveing care. I too rescued this one from WalMart back in March or April. It seemed to take forever to bloom but look at it today.


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irina_co(z5 CO)


I see one smallish "baby" leaf in an upper lefty corner - usually it is 3 of them - remove them - and it is a WINNER. Very symmetrical, very floriferous.

I think it is one of Optimaras, would you be able to find the name for it - it is very hard - you can take it too the show and bring a blue ribbon.


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