Should i transplant these babies?

frank325August 22, 2008

I put 6 leaves that had rooted in water into this one tupperware container (yes there are drain holes). Four of them are showing little sprouts now. The medium is only about 1.5" deep though. Should I transplant these cuttings and their babies into their own separate containers? Or should I wait? I wasn't sure because of the depth and their close proximity to each other. Maybe they're fine as is, I dunno.

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I say leave 'em... they are pretty tiny.
But that's just what I think. :-)

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Obviously they have been down for a while since you already have babies popping up from some of the leaves.

If it were me I would leave them as is until the babies are large enough and can be separated from the mother leaves and potted up individually. I think at this point you would do more harm than good by trying to move the leaves into individual pots.


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I wasn't going to move just the babies, but basically the whole chunk of soil surrounding them, into deeper containers with more medium underneath. I wasn't sure if they needed more then the depth of this tuppperware... didn't want to look underneath in a few weeks and see roots jumbled all over the place down there. I don't know how deep their roots get when they are this young.

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Hello Frank,

I would not disturb them at all. Rule of thumb is that not to separate babies from the mother leaf until you have four leaves larger than a dime. But then that's not really what you asked. You wanted to know if each leaf should be put in its own pot. Again I would not disturb them at all. The shock will just stunt the process. The container is definitely not too small. For that matter it is better to have the roots a little crowded when propagating. It makes the babies grow faster.


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Cool thanks all for your help! I will go and propagate new plants from these new baby leaves like you suggested...
kidding, I won't touch anything :-P

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Good decision, let 'em grow.
Fred in NJ

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