algae and chlorox

krystyna1937August 26, 2007


On another thread there was a discussion about algea on pots. This may not apply to all situations but when I noticed scum forming on the water in the tray on which my av pots stood, I added 1/4 tsp chlorox to a 2-qt watering can and poured it into the trays. I didn't use up the whole can and there was already some water in the tray so it got diluted some more. After a few hours the scum disappeared. I am hoping that the fumes were not strong enough to affect the plants. I'm posting a picture of the tray and its pots.

Any comments?


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Hi Krys,
When I use Clorox I generally dilute it 9 to 1 and never feed my plants with it. If the algae bothers you, go to a pet store and buy a bottle of algaicide. They use it in fish tanks, and if it doesn't hurt the fish and plants there it won't hurt ur plants. Get them out of that strong clorox mix.
Fred in NJ

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I'll try the algaicide. But I must stress that the plants cannot absorb any of the water in the tray. It's only meant to provide humidity and I'm not really sure that it's necessary. Bonsaists, for example, all insist that such trays have very little effect if any and can be a bother to keep clean -- as I'm discovering in this case. I don't use this method with any of my trees and only did it here because I kept reading about its standard practice -- not on this forum but in general info on the Internet.

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Fred, that is a great idea. I was using the clorox but the fumes were so strong. I was thinking that maybe the algae has ammonia because the fumes were not the normal fumes from bleach. I will get the algaicide today. Sally

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Hi Krys,
Just a note to let u know that I only use Clorox at a 9-1 ratio to clean and disinfect my dirty pots. Some people however use it on new leaves before they put them down. I really don't like the idea of algae but I don't worry too much about it. Algae acumulates in my reservoirs and when it gets too green I pull out the plastic bag liner and put in a new one.
Fred in NJ

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