Looking for an no-need-to-deadhead repeat bloomer

echolane(SFBayMidPen)July 23, 2011

I have a spot along a fenceline in a mixed border that could use a colorful repeat bloomer. I want it to look good without deadheading (and to repeat) because it'll be somewhat inaccessible. I'm doing something similar with Leonie Lamesh. She, too, is in the same situation and I couldn't ask for a better rose in this way. But I don't want two of her so I'm looking for something as good. Oh, and minimum thorns would be good too. Suggestions anyone?

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Do you have a color preference?

That is PRECISELY the usage I intend for two found red Chinas, "Elisabeth's China," and "Magnolia Cemetery China."
I think 'Archduke Charles' might also fill that niche, as will many of the Tea Roses.


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thanks for the good ideas. Archduke Charles looks like a perfect fit for my taste - I especially like roses that are more than one color.
Actually I've considered using Monsier Tillier in this spot against the fence, (I love its various colors). It has completely outgrown its place in another part of my garden, and I've wondered if I could keep it to a more modest size; it has formidable thorns as well (!).
I never find these choices easy!

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I can only speak for myself -- and I am in a coastal strip in Southern California, where summers are traditionally not hot, fog is common, and winter chill is minimal-to-none.

In that situation, we've found that Teas (AND Chinas) do best for us if allowed to grow to their preferred size -- but, you know, YMMV. If I was telling my next-door neighbor what to do, I'd tell her to plan on them being large, but . . .


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