Suncoast white sprite

larry_b(Zone5/CO)August 12, 2008

Does anyone know the spects on Suncoast White Sprite?

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Think that's "spirit" not "sprite"

Suncoast White Spirit (S. Williams) Semidouble white large. Medium green. Standard


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Hi M3,

Thanks for the correction and the description. With the word "sprite", I thought it my be a white mini or semi. Oh well.


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I Picked up a Suncoast White Spirit yesterday (actually 3 baby plants, along with 20 other leaves of other kinds - Yikes!)

As far as specs - I don't have the "proper" stuff but It's a Standard with a huge double white bloom.

The bloom to that baby is G O R G E O U S !!!

it's amazing - I first visited AV Study Group in May 08 and had 5 NOid standards that I "just wanted to learn how to repot". Joined the society the next month and the rest, they say, is history.

Last night, I was working on my database and I have over 70 different plants - 60 named and 10 NOid.

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correction on my last post - semi double large white

My apologies that I can't type or remember that someone else had already posted the correct info..

and now you can go back to ignoring me :)

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