letting an AV multi crown on purpose

trace00969August 20, 2007

I know trailers are meant to be multiple crowned, but I am wondering what would become of a regular AV if I letit multi crown, will it ever bloom, or will the suckers take over and kill the momma plant......I would like to try this and see, but not at the expense of the mother plant.....has anyone ever done it??

Thanks everyone for your thoughts!!


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Hi Tracy,
I have by accident ignored a plant or two on my plant stands and they suckered to a point where I had to rip apart the entire plant to get it back into shape. The plant will bloom eventually but will not for the most part bloom as nicely as it was intended to bloom. The blossoms will most likely be smaller and fewer.
Try it if you would like to experiment. You at least will get a number of plants from the suckering.
Fred in NJ

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I have a "tri-plant". Not sure if it is three plants or suckers. Looked like one plant when it was young, it's a noid standard. I let it go cause it's varigated and looks neat 'pyramid" shaped. If I had caught on sooner that it had three crowns, I would have done something then. The inner leaves conflict so I have to keep them thinned out. So far this plant is doing okay, blooms pretty often, one day as the necks are getting longer it will look really bad and I'll cut off and re-root into three separate plants (I've been saying this for 2 yrs and it's still looking okay, I'm surprised). I have Persian Prince and all it ever did was sucker and it's small so it's like fighting itself. I can't keep the suckers out of it and it has never bloomed, so that hasn't worked so good. It's a knot of twisted leaves and I've decided enough is enough I'm gonn take a couple leaves to root and toss the plant. A member of our violet club brought in a plant she got while in hospital and two more suckers had grown out and were as big as the parent but each of the three were a little different both in foliage and the bloom colors, it was strange...we would have thought it was three different plants, but the lady that gave it to her was a violet grower too and it was one very nice plant when given and received. (I think it might have been moonlit snow?) So we cut it all up and repotted the crowns into separate pots. I would say only a few plants are okay grown this way and only for a window of time. If you really want a multiple plant that blooms alot, just get trailers. Non trailers two problems are the suckers take energy from the plant and leaves grow and have to have someplace to grow or they crunch up and rot. It's really not worth trying to see what happens. It's like a rooted leaf with lots of plantlets just potted up as is. I will probably never have the pyramid plant effect again even if I tried. tish

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