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LindaAugust 30, 2013

Can anyone tell me how to do those circles on photos that are posted here? I saw someone do that on a recent post to point out certain violets in a photo.


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bragu_DSM 5

I do them in a program called photoshop. I think you can get a scaled-back inexpensive version of it. The real thing runs several hundred.

I think some call them art balloons, or some such professional silliness. Basically you draw a circle. Fill the inside with white color and type, at least that is one way. Or you can draw a text box, use an arrow as a pointer and name or describe what you are trying to point out.

You could also Email me pix and I could do it for you ... if you include the idents ...

dunno if that helps ...

dave *will work for leaves* Ha!

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Philpet sent me some photos to look at and it would be nice if I could circle the ones I want to talk about. Much easier than saying, "see that big one on the left? No, not that one. The other big one, next to the not so big one." He (she?) has four photos on the Hobby or obsession? thread that need discussion. I guess I'll have to go with the earlier method. Take a gander at them if you like. Maybe we can figure out a plan B.


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you can make circles in the default "Paint" that comes with windows, too.

(screen shot done entirely with Alt+Print Screen and Paint)

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Thanks. I'll have to play around with that in the next few days. :)


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