Is this a Chimera??

jonmcdadeAugust 6, 2012

Hi All,

I've had this african violet for two years now. It was a supermarket find and quickly became a favorite.

I love its deep purple and cream colors with the lacy edges. I've tried to find its name on the internet but have had no luck as of yet. I was wondering if anyone recognized this beauty? Also I was wondering if it looked like a chimera to anyone? With the central purple stripe and white edges it almost looks as if it qualifys. But one doesnt usually find chimeras in the supermarket....right??

After reading about africcan violets I realized this one had a double crown, and have now seperated them. This is the end result which is why it might look mishappened at the moment. I saved the other crown and hope it roots. I'd love to have another of this girl. Incidently the other crown did bloom before seperation exactly as the parent plant.



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You're right, you generally don't find chimeras in the super market (but sports arise fairly spontaneously sometimes). Have you tried propagating by leaf? If it comes true from leaf it likely is not a true chimera. I know there are a few faux chimeras out there, and this may be one. It doesn't detract from its beauty though! Also it would be near impossible to try to identify it. There are literally thousands of named varieties with any handful matching the same descriptions, and this doesn't even begin to account for all the un-named varieties in the world as well.

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Hi jonmcdade ...

That looks like Optimara Cora ... not a chimera, but a nice plant.

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suecirish(6 SE MA)

I was going to say the same as aegis500. It definitely looks like Optimara Rhapsodie Cora - a beautiful AV. In my opinion, I would say, no, definitely not a chimera. It does not have defined striping through the petals.

Rhapsodie Cora (Holtkamp) Single-semidouble white frilled/dark purple patches. Medium-dark green, pointed, glossy, hairy, scalloped. Standard

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Wow!!! you guys are good!! Thats her exactly. Thank you for the name. I looked it on on bing and found her immediately. Thank you bushels and bushels.
So far Cora (Rhapsodie Cora) is my favorite av. She's very forgiving of my novice mistakes.and thrives inspite of my poor care....LOL...Gotta love anyone who is right???
I plan on repotting her in better soil when she's done bloomiing.....

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