questions re fertilizer and AVs that don't bloom

violetta1976(8 Portland OR)September 27, 2007

Two unrelated questions:

1. Do some AVs need more fertilizer than others? All of my AVs get fed out of the same watering can with the same amount of fertilizer, but some of them have tight crowns and some don't.

2. Are there some AVs that don't bloom? I've had one for about 3 years that's never bloomed, and I'm starting to wonder if it's ever going to.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Yes, it seems like some will never bloom. But if you change its lighting or its position on the light stand it might start blooming.

They say a sharp rap on the sides of the pot or a squeeze might make the roots react. I have even know violets to start blooming by threatening them. "You have two months to show something or you'll be in the can!" It scares them and sometimes they put up buds!!

Change the place for violets that are getting tighter centers. Could be getting too much light.

Change fertilizer brands or numbers. 20-20-20 is good, but you could change to 15-30-15 for more bloom.

Yes, variegates need different fertilizers because they have less green that makes food and energy for the plant. Ocassionally I use 5-52-10 for variegates and just before show but don't use it for very long since it doesn't have much nitrogen, which would cause a reaction of your leaves.

Maybe repotting would help those nonbloomers.


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Hi Violetta,
I agree with Nancy on the way to treat non-bloomers. I had a semi mini at one point that had never bloomed. It was in a 3oz Solo cup. I squeezed the pot a few times and disturbed the root system and it finally bloomed.
Fred in NJ

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Do you folks have a favorite fertilizer? I've been using Schultz forever, but changing to something else would probably be good.

Re: the nonbloomer - It's been with me in 3 different homes with varying degrees of light, and I've gotten nothing out of it. I repotted it a month or so ago. Maybe that will help? I've tried disturbing the roots before, and that didn't do anything for it. This plant was a rescue off of a coworker's desk when she went on a leave of absence and never came back. It never bloomed for her, either.

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Interesting revelation re: the fertilizer/tight crown quandary.

The AVs with tight crowns are the ones I got from Violet Barn. Only a one of the 9 or so I ordered is growing the way I would expect.

All of my NOIDs from the supermarket are doing fine.

Umm... not sure what to think of this. I would think it more likely that a supermarket AV would be the one with problems.

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

It worked! Disturbing the roots worked!

There are two buds this size, and a third one is just starting to come out. I can't wait to finally find out what color blooms this NOID has.

Also, re: the AVs from Rob's. They had been on a table with a little lamp that had a compact flourescent bulb in it, which must have been too much light for them. Along with the tight crowns, I noticed that the edges of the leaves were all brittle and burned. They're all evening out now, and growing beautifully in a south-facing window with no artificial light. Some of them even look like they might be putting out buds!

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yaaaaaaaay! I hope you post pics when the flowers start popping!

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Thanks for the advice, guys! One of the buds on that NOID that has never bloomed before finally opened today. It's a plain pale pink single bloom. Nothing spectacular, but it's lovely to finally see. There are 5 bloom stalks, and each stalk is loaded with buds. It's like this plant has been saving up all of its blooms for the past 3 (or more) years and is releasing all of them at once. I'll take a picture once more of them open.

Most of my other AVs have buds on them too. Don't they realize that it's January and they aren't getting any light? I can't imagine how they're managing, but somehow they are. Almost all of my Rob's AVs (Vanilla Trail, Loose Noodle, Boondoggle, and Fuzzy Navel. Chilly Willy is the only one not cooperating) look fit to burst within a few more weeks. Ness' Ruffled Skies, which I've been extremely eager to see, has buds on it as well, as do two other supermarket NOIDs. This is the first bloom for all of the named varieties except Loose Noodle, which was an early performer. It had its first bloom back in September, but apparently is ready for another round.

It's JANUARY! In the Pacific Northwest! The shelf sits in front of a south-facing sliding glass door, but there aren't any artificial lights and it's extremely dark and gray here all the time. Where the heck are these plants getting enough light to be doing this? Silly plants! They must be dreadfully confused.

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That's really a good news. Please post the pictures when it
is in blooms.

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Here it is. Thanks for your help, everyone!

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Nice big blooms.Beautiful color.

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Very pretty!

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Thanks everyone!

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