Variegated beauty not blooming

vall3fam(9 CentralCA)September 15, 2007

I got this noid Valentine's day at the supermarket. It was blooming a very nice pink blossom. In April, after it was done blooming, I divided the plant (it had 2) and repotted them into 4" oyama pots. They have received regular fertilizer with each water refill, sometimes bloom booster - all diluted to about 1/4 tsp to the gallon. They are growing nicely in a east window, but no blooms. Not even little tiny budlets! Other varieties in the same window are blooming, so I don't think it's the light.

Any ideas on when my plants might bloom? I have to admit they are quite beautiful alone without blooms, but they would be gorgeous if those pink blooms would show up!


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Elaine what a beauty you have there. I purchased this one back in March and have yet to see a bloom or even a hint of buds forming. I've NEVER even seen the flowers as I purchased it when it was on sale after Valentines day and it was half dead. At least it made a nice recovery and I just love it even if it don't bloom she's pretty to look at. :)

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Elaine, that is some gorgeous foliage. It certainly can stand on its' own merit. I read somewhere here on the forum that it takes longer for variegated violets to bloom. I do know that they usually like a little more light than all green violets.

Please post pictures when it decides to bloom.


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erlyberd(Z5 CT)

It sure is not lack of light by the looks of the foliage. If it were it would be more green where the white is. I'd try stronger light simply because the foliage has so much white the plant can't get enough of light to flower. Plus, all summer the sun is so high in the sky most of the light never makes it through the window.

Try south window with one or more layers of wax paper taped to the glass part and the plant should bloom. Introduce the plant slowly to the brighter light.

I had very good luck with my plants in a south window blocked up by the wax paper. You may have to use a large pebble tray to help with the humidity. Good luck.

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Try using a bloom booster fertilizer on the plant.
Fred in NJ

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vall3fam(9 CentralCA)

Thanks for the suggestions. Cajunkisses, it looks like we might have the same plant! I hope yours blooms as pretty as mine was. I don't have very many standards as they take up too much of the room that I have, but I'm sure to make room for this one!

Erlyberd, I don't have a south facing window! :( Only east, west and north. I will try moving it closer on the shelf to the window and see if it helps. Fred, I will make sure I give it bloom booster on it's next water fill.

Barbara, I certainly will post when it blooms!

Otherwise, I will just enjoy its beautiful leaves and shape and be blessed with the bonus if it blooms!


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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

Elaine, it looks like your plant may be over-potted. The rule of thumb is the pot should be 1/3 the diameter of the plant; so a 6" plant should be in a 2" pot. It seems happy where it is, so you may want to keep being patient; right now it's filling the pot with roots, so when it's gotten a bit snug it'll start blooming. For now, you can enjoy a beautiful, happy plant.


Korina, torturer of the plant kindom

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