About spent flowers

meyermike_1micha(5)September 25, 2009

Sorry if these questions were answered before..:-)

But is it a practice or even beneficial to pinch off the spent flowers?

Also, is there any benefit to a plant if the suckers, or babies that come off the main plant are pinched off too?

Sheesh, it almost sounds mean....


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It's much better for looks if you remove spent flowers. Don't know if it helps or hurts the plant, but one of our experienced members will, I am sure.

Per the suckers, everything I've read says, YES! Remove those suckers. They destroy symmetry first of all, but they also take away energy from the other crown. If you wait too long to remove them, leaves can already start growing contorted. But, if you wait until a sucker has four leaves, you can pop it off with a fingernail or sucker remover tool (or whatever you like to use), sprinkle the bottom with a bit of root tone, and then plant it. You'll soon have a second plant, identical to the first.

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Hi Mike~
From what I've learned here, the suckers take the energy from the mamma plant, thus preventing it from blooming. This past spring I removed the suckers (big enough to re-plant) from my mamma plant, she is now blooming her head off and the babies are happy, healthy and strong growing on their own.


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Removing spent blossoms, suckers, and dead leaves is part of grooming a plant. Sort of like brushing your teeth and combing your hair.... It helps your plants look their best, and gives you an opportunity to do some hands-on obseervations of your plants.


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I agree with Barbara and would add that spent flowers and especially ungroomed plants can be a breeding ground for trouble which is spelled in two words - disease and pest.


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