Skies Over Italy???

cajunkisses2007September 23, 2007

I was given a leaf of this plant in a trade but cannot find a photo of it anywhere.

Does anyone here grow it or have a photo of it? Would really appreciate if you would post it. The only description I could find on it is:

Skies Over Italy (Tinari) Sky blue semidouble. Mosaic variegated.




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This is not listed in First Class and 'ggogling' doesn't help either.


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Keep checking over on ebay. I seen a picture of it there a couple months ago and I think I recall the bidding was too high for me. It really was pretty, the foliage is very different.

Does all moasic foliage reproduce the same moasic or is it only the chimera leaf won't reproduce from a leaf, like Harmony little stinker ?

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